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About Us

Thomas Aviation, LLC is an aircraft sales and aircraft management company. I started my company in 1990, with 2 goals in mind.  I wanted to make sure customers get the best management in aviation and I wanted to provide the most knowledgeable and straightforward service in purchasing an aircraft.  My company has grown to several airplanes under management and sales increases every year.   I try to operate my company hands on to ensure the customers get only the best quality aircraft and pilots.

I have been very fortunate to fly all kinds of jets and turbo props. Like most pilots understand, it’s just in my blood.  I feel like I had the best instructor and mentor in the world, my dad.  Paul Thomas, has been in aviation since the late 60's. He has shown me how to fly and how to best operate a management and sales company. Getting to fly trips with my Dad was the absolute best. 

 I started flying in 1987 and finished all my ratings in college in Salina, KS. I flew my first jet in 1989 and sold my first plane in 1990. I have been very fortunate to manage and operate jets for some of the best companies.  

My children have grown up getting to fly everywhere, just like I did with my Dad. All 3 of my kids are now married and grandchildren are on the way. I truly can't wait to take the grandkids flying someday. 

If you or your company has a corporate aviation need, give me a call and we can discuss your best suitable option. 

Thomas Aviation LLC

14614 E Cambria St

Wichita, KS 67230

Todd Thomas

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